AppVillage invests in every app


The AppVillage invests time and in some cases cash into in every app conceived and developed within the appvillage system. We are not only developing the overarching brand, the systems and procedures to ensure the most effective development and launch platform for app ideas but we earn of our share of the royalties by providing the the following services free of charge.

  • Research and assess the initial idea
  • Concept development
  • Team building
  • Project management
  • Source funding
  • Marketing strategy and services
  • Support, planning and management for ongoing development

AppVillage Services

An idea doesn’t have to be completely unique for it to be accepted or successful. So in assessing the potential of an idea we review a range of elements to make an overall judgement on the chances of success. These include :

      • Target market size and activity
      • Competitor analysis
      • Success of similar apps and genre
      • Media coverage of competing apps
      • Costs of development and marketing
An initial idea may provide the spark but it is up to us to turn the spark into an inferno. We use our app development and marketing experience to further develop the idea and enhance the user offering and experience to increase the chances of greater downloads and increased revenue.

To develop an app you need a team. A team made up of specialists in design, development, user experience and content creation. With The AppVillage’s unique model of rewarding team members with a portion of the royalties generated by the app, you not only get a team of experts but a expert team engaged and incentivised to develop a quality product and help take it to market.
Quality app development is imperative to the success of an app, particularly as competition in the market place increases. One of the key elements for ensuring quality app design and development is to establish effective process and have the teams managed by experienced personnel. The AppVillage manages the entire process from go to whoa ensuring procedures are followed, efficiencies are gained and a high quality product is produced
Funding!! “Why do you need funding if everyone is working for royalties ?” you may ask. Even though we do operate on a share the risk, share the return model, there are some projects that require some form of cash subsidy simply because of their size. AppVillage is active within the local and international investment scene to inform investors about the opportunity to not only invest in one app but a portfolio of apps. Funding is not only needed for production but to also pay for  advertising to help a launch and promote the app ongoing.
Marketing is the service that is undervalued by most app developer. Over 60% of apps have $0 budget for marketing and the same amount of time allocated to perform marketing services. The app store is a great platform for distribution but is very competitive and cannot be relied upon solely when marketing your app. Your marketing strategy should include :

      • an email strategy
      • targeting app review sites
      • the development of a PR strategy
      • analysis of data to drive product development
      • paid advertising
      • submitting referral networks
      • active community management across social media
      • a web presence
      • content creation such as video demos to engage your audience

Key Benefits

  • Leverage our experience in research, production and marketing.
  • Leverage our overall brand equity
  • Get access to our community of designers, developers and investors
  • Acquire customers via our portfolio of apps
  • The opportunity to be part of a larger eco system

What say the Village

We’re diversifying from our current fee for service work towards the development of our own products. Working with the App Village allows us to invest our business in product development of our choosing while simplifying our investment in admin, marketing and other supporting activity required for a successful release.
David McGowan, Nomad Agency (Australia)
I got my first smart phone last May and started getting the app “bug”. I thought Bear Hugs would make a great app idea. I knew nothing about apps or what goes into developing one, so I was tickled pink when I got the news that my idea was chosen!
Robyn Hucik, Innovator Talking BearHugs (USA)
It’s a very exciting time to be investing in the mobile app space and with a modest investment I can test business concepts and see immediate results with very little risk.
Trevor Folsom, Investor : Bliss