Here at the AppVillage we discover new apps everyday. Sometimes we find apps that are just so incredibly brilliant, it would be a crime to keep them all to ourselves. Plus, our mums always taught us that it’s nice to share.

1. 8tracks radio

8tracks radio App : Pick 1 of the AppVillage June 2013 Top 5 apps

This golden nugget of a music app has been sitting on my iPhone for a few months now. I think it’s a fantastic way to access and discover new music specific to your interests.

The app allows users to listen to playlists created by fellow 8track users from all over the world. My favourite feature is the ability to select from a big list of popular tags. “Acoustic” and “Covers” will chill you out with acoustic covers, whilst “Metal” and “Dubstep” will probably burst your ear drums.

Oh, and it’s all completely free by the way. They get around this licensing issue by reducing the amount of songs you can skip per hour – I believe it’s three. There are some unobtrusive visual advertising at times, but other than that it’s excellent.

2. XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM: Enemy Unknown app : Pick 2 of the AppVillage June 2013 Top 5 iOS apps

Blow up aliens. Save the world. This game launched on PC in 2012 to critical acclaim. Incredibly, almost the same game is now available for iOS devices. This is another fantastic step for mobile gaming as the big developers and publishers make their games available for our iPhones and iPads.

The gameplay is fully loaded with turn-based chaos, the visuals are some of the best I’ve seen on mobile device and it has a fantastic soundtrack. It’s not easy though! I’m playing on the normal setting and lose soldiers every round. The real kicker is once they’re dead, they’re gone forever…

For us, the ‘hefty’ price-tag is justified ($19.99) as it’s still half the price of the PC version and contains nearly all of the same single-player content. Good job 2K games.

3. Feedly

Feedly app : Pick 4 of the AppVillage June 2013 Top 5 iOS apps

Use Google Reader? In that case I’m sure you’ve heard that Google are axing the service on 1 July – much to the disappointment of users everywhere!

Step in Feedly, a great little app for porting your current list from Google Reader and continues a similar service. It’s free and beautifully designed which win it extra points from us.

Download it now to import your Google Reader list before it’s lost forever…

4. Viber

Viber app : Pick 5 of the AppVillage June 2013 Top 5 iOS apps

iOS 7 might potentially be the nail in the coffin for Viber – the app that allows you to call other users for free over 3G/wifi. Apple have announced that post iOS 7 FaceTime will allow you to perform voice-only calls, potentially replacing the main feature of Viber.

Even so, in the meantime, this is still a very useful app for those who wish to save mega bucks on call charges to family and friends scattered around the world. It’s free too. Good vibes.

5. Store Switch (web app)

Store Switch Web App : Pick 3 of the AppVillage June 2013 Top 5 iOS apps

This one’s for the iOS developers and marketeers out there. This is a web app that does exactly as it suggests, it switches your iTunes Store profile between different App Store territories on your device.

This is useful when you’ve been looking at apps that are only available in a specific territory and need to switch back to your local store. It’s not a downloadable app from the App Store but can be bookmarked on your homescreen just by visiting on your iOS device.

If you haven’t bookmarked a webpage on your iOS device before, click here to see how. Thanks to MacRumours user jaysquaredcom – who I believe is the creator – for this one.