Turn your idea into a reality

You have a great app idea that you’d love to take to market but dont know how? The AppVillage can help make your idea a reality. We will assess the potential of your idea and if we like what we see we’ll produce, fund and market it. Below is an overview of our process and for more information you can read the executive summary of our agreement & our FAQ’s which includes details on how we determine the royalty share you receive. Or you can sit back and watch the video to the left to get an overview of how it all works.

App Creation Process

1. Assess your idea

First step is to request an AppVillage assessment of your idea. Ideally you should provide as much detail as possible when you place your order so you give your idea every chance of being accepted into the AppVillage program. Please review the information below to prepare your submission and then order your assessment to begin the process.  

2. Idea Accepteance

After we have produced an assessment of your idea AppVillage may choose to manage the process of finding a team to design, develop and fund your app under the terms of the “AppVillage model”. If you agree  to the terms, AppVillage will develop your idea and prepare it for the pith to the Village .

3. Build a team

The next step is to present the idea to our community of selected designers, developers and investors and find collaborators who want to join the project. When the team is all on board production can commence and so does our 3-6 month journey before we see the app in the stores

4. Market the app

Competition is high in the app world so marketing and promotion is key. AppVillage provides a range of marketing services  to spread the word and hopefully result in an avalanche of downloads so we can all earn ongoing royalties and enjoy the satisfaction of conceiving and producing an awesome app idea.
AppVillage Process Infographic