1. We will only consider valid submissions. A valid submission is a submission that:
    • is submitted using the submission tool on our website;
    • is written in English and coherently expressed;
    • describes the app idea specifically enough to sufficiently distinguish the app idea from other app ideas, eg a submission that says nothing more than ‘a travel app’ is invalid; and
    • otherwise meets a basic, minimum quality threshold determined by us.
  2. We will treat all submissions as being commercial-in-confidence, unless the app idea is in the public domain.
  3. In relation to your submission, we will either:
    • consider your submission and accept your app idea;
    • consider your submission and decide against pursuing your app idea;
    • consider your submission and decide it requires further investigation before deciding whether to accept or decline to pursue your app idea; or
    • not consider your submission because it is invalid.
  4. We will endeavour to provide a report within 10 working days.
    However, you acknowledge that we receive many submissions for ideas for apps from other persons and that we are actively involved in the development of apps. You acknowledge that the mere fact that we are or in future become involved with an idea for an app that is similar or identical to your app idea is no evidence whatsoever of any misappropriation of your rights in your app idea. This applies regardless of the idea assessment score that your app idea receives from us.
  5. From the date you submit your app idea, you must not submit the same app idea to any third party until:
    • we notify you that we have decided against pursuing your app idea or that we will not consider your submission; or
    • 8 weeks have elapsed,whichever is earlier.
  6. We will keep a register of all submissions that we consider.
  7. Even if we decline to pursue your app idea now, we may later decide to reconsider your app idea, eg if market conditions change.
  8. If we consider multiple submissions embodying essentially the same app idea, we may accept the app idea described in the submission that best suits our objectives.
  9. Our acceptance of your app idea is conditional on:
    • you entering into an app development agreement; or
    • if you have already entered into an app development agreement, your new app idea being added as a ‘Project’ under the agreement.
  10. By indicating your acceptance of these terms, you acknowledge and agree that they are legally binding on you and us.
  11. Subject only to any mandatory consumer guarantee, we give no warranty as to the accuracy of the information provided in the idea assessment report. You acknowledge that the idea assessment score and other commentary in the idea assessment report are matters of opinion and are not intended to be relied upon as fact.
  12. You agree that our only legal obligations to you are those expressly provided for in these terms or otherwise imposed by law. You also agree that if we exercise our legal rights, under these terms or otherwise, you have no claim against us of any kind whatsoever and you irrevocably release us from all liability that would give rise to any such claim.
  13. In these terms:
    • ‘accept’, ‘acceptance’ etc, in relation to an app idea, means to consider your submission and decide that we would like to pursue your app idea through our app development program;
    • ‘app idea’ means the mobile app idea that you describe in a submission;
    • ‘consideration’ means our assessment of your valid submission of an app idea;
    • ‘submission’ means the description of your idea that you submit to us via our submission tool;
    • ‘we’, ‘our’ etc means AppVillage Pty Ltd (ACN 157 880 405);
    • ‘you’, ‘your’ etc means the individual or entity in whose name a submission is made.