You have an app idea?

Great, we’d like to hear about it. If you’ve ever said “there should be an app for that” and are interested in becoming an app entrepreneur then join our growing app community The AppVillage.

However, as you can see from our note below, our submissions are currently closed but if you would like to talk our expert App Advisor you can now book a time to discuss your idea.

App idea submissions currently closed.

We’re currently working on our latest round of submissions and have been inundated with some great app ideas. As a result we have closed submissions indefinitely so we can focus on building our design and development community and more importantly, releasing some pretty cool apps.

We understand that you probably have the killer idea and you’re excited about making it happen. But for now we just wouldn’t be able to give it the time it deserves.

To ensure you are notified when we are open for new app idea submission please join our mailing list by filling out the form to the right. However, if you cant contain your excitement and if you are keen to get some initial feedback on your idea you can book a time to speak to our expert App Advisor.

Thanks for your interest in The AppVillage and we look forward to hearing about your awesome app idea.

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Idea Submission Process

1. Submit Your Idea

First you need to tell us about your app in as much detail as possible. Please review some of the information below to prepare your submission. All submissions are logged in our database and you’ll get a proof of submission via email.

2. Market research

AppVillage will take about 30 days to do some thorough research on the idea and assess it’s potential in the market place. We then accept or reject the idea.

3. Building a team

After we decide whether the idea has potential and is a good fit for the AppVillage model we propose it to our community of select designers, developers and investors and find collaborators who want to join the project.

4. Production & Marketing

Once we have a team we commence production. It can take up to 4 months before the app will reach the AppStores. We then go into the marketing phase and you’ll earn ongoing royalties and enjoy the satisfaction of coming up with an awesome app idea.

Be an innovator but be prepared!

For more information read our FAQ’s here which includes information on how we determine what royalty share you receive. Also an executive summary of the agreement can be read here

Idea check — before you submit your idea:

Please check that you have:

  • Thought about the idea in-depth and are convinced there’s a real need for it (what problem are you solving?)
  • Did some research on the web and the AppStore to see whether the app already exists and how yours is different
  • Asked at least another 3 people whether this is a good idea
  • Have written a concise summary that explains what it does why anyone should buy it. I.e. “PlayMoney – create your own currency and print it via AirPrint”
  • Thought about how the app will make money for you and everyone involved. Fixed price, in-app purchases, subscription to companion service, etc.

Read our info about app research and statistics

Download some free sketch templates to get your ideas on paper

AppVillage Process Infographic