Create the artwork for our next game and you could earn 20% of app royalties!

We’re looking for talented designers who can create characters, backgrounds and obstacles for classic arcade style games. The AppVillage has the ability to produce games quickly and efficiently and you could see YOUR art in the App Store and Google Play within weeks!

What do you need to do?

Sends us some samples of your work and if we like what we see we’ll sign you up as an AppVillage game designer  and get you started on our next game.

We’ll send you an exact brief with requirements, but generally we need about 3-5 main characters and 5-8 enemies and obstacles as 10 frame animations. You’ll also be in charge of designing backgrounds, collectibles and interface elements. If you’re more of a specialist and focus more on animation for example, don’t stress, we’ll team you up with an animator.

What type of games?

Our engine can produce classic arcade style games like endless runner, helicopter, 360 shooter, mega jump and tilt avoidance. Timeless game concepts that will always find an audience with the right artwork!

So your challenge is to come up with an artistic spin on these classic games.

If you have a great concept for a game we’d love to hear it as well. If it fits within the arcade styles we have available you can earn an additional 5% of royalties if it is accepted

You up for it? Get together with your mates or go solo,  fill in the form below and send us your portfolio. What have you got to lose?


Zombie Balt app

Our first running shooter Zombie Balt is going to be available for IOS and Android very soon.

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