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Food Friendzie has launched

Introducing Food Friendzie, your go-to app for choosing a venue for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Food Friendzie solves a very real problem (albeit a first world problem) of working out where to go for lunch. How often have you and your colleagues set off for lunch and said out loud “Where should we go?”. With infinite choice comes great responsibility and coming up with the right place can waste valuable social time and cause arguments. Food Friendzie solves the problem by randomly choosing a suitable food venue in your local area from a mix of known favourites and new randoms.

Once you’ve […]

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Vote for the AppVillage and help us create more apps

The AppVillage has an opportunity to pitch to two heavyweight US venture capitalists and we need your vote to make it happen. With additional investment we can produce more apps and grow the community more quickly so that everyone benefits.

Your vote will get us there!

Visit the General Assembly “Pitch a US VC” page
Choose The AppVillage from the drop down menu
Press the Vote button

Voting closes: 5pm, 25th March 2013.

Thanking you in advance…

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App Research and Stats – Dont just look at the averages

It seems that most App commentators want to limit their App research to looking at average numbers. I can only assume that it is to support their opinion that the chances of success in this industry are slim at best. Obviously any feasibility study that looks at averages alone is flawed as the average numbers reported are so skewed by the two extremes of the app market.


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Site launch – sort of…………………

Tues the 8th May 2012 was the official date of the “soft launch” of AppVillage. We knew we weren’t quite ready but we wanted to present it to the people and get some feedback.

Our “soft” launch approach
We reached out to a targeted email list made of friends and colleagues who we felt could provide some critical feedback on the business concept, brand, design and overall interest in what we were doing.

I also got a little excited and posted a link to the AppVillage Facebook page on my personal FB feed which drummed up a few likes.

The email sent (with spelling […]

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