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Launching Zombie Balt for iPhone in the App Store

Every time we launch an app onto the Apple App Store we learn something new. During the launch of Zombie Balt – our simple endless runner for iPhone – we stumbled upon some rewarding insights. These learnings might also benefit other developers out there, so we thought we’d share them.
Key Findings

35K+ downloads in 11 days
Over 1200 fans on Facebook
An average user acquisition cost of $0.20
Top 50 Arcade/Action game in multiple territories
Top 25 Game in Italy (Top 10 Arcade game)

What’s Zombie Balt?
Good question. For our first game we decided to jump on the increasingly popular horror genre. This means we created […]

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Our Top 5 Apps – June 2013

Here at the AppVillage we discover new apps everyday. Sometimes we find apps that are just so incredibly brilliant, it would be a crime to keep them all to ourselves. Plus, our mums always taught us that it’s nice to share. […]

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Calling all game designers & animators

Create the artwork for our next game and you could earn 20% of app royalties!
We’re looking for talented designers who can create characters, backgrounds and obstacles for classic arcade style games. The AppVillage has the ability to produce games quickly and efficiently and you could see YOUR art in the App Store and Google Play within weeks!
What do you need to do?
Sends us some samples of your work and if we like what we see we’ll sign you up as an AppVillage game designer  and get you started on our next game.

We’ll send you an exact brief with requirements, but generally we […]

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Food Friendzie’s Top 10 Restaurants Of The World

Enjoy eating? So do we.

What we like even more is when someone else cooks, serves drinks and cleans up the mess afterwords. That’s why we like eating out, and that’s why we made Food Friendzie, the app that makes difficult food decisions fun!

Food Friendzie has been live and spinning on the App Store for almost a week and we’ve had some great feedback from our users. Some Friendziers have even gone as far as to make their own wheels and send them to us!

We’re planning to make these wheels easily available to everyone, but for now here’s our favourites submitted […]

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Top 5 iOS apps March 2013

Our top 5 app picks for March.

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Talking Bear Hugs is now live in the app store

Introducing “Wafer” the talking bear who loves to laugh and give hugs! Touch the screen to poke and tickle Wafer or ask him to give you and your phone a big hug.

Record your personalized message and have Wafer say it in his own gruff and loveable voice. Save it as a video or share it via email and facebook.

Talking Bearhugs is AppVillage’s first app made under the community model. From idea to completion all parties involved donated their time and skills for a share in the profit.

The team behind Talking Bearhugs:

Innovator: Robin Hucik (USA)

Producer: Nicky Glover (AUS)

Designer: Zaavit (ARG)

3D Animator: […]

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AppVillage goes to Appsworld North America

We’re very excited to introduce AppVillage to the US at the Appsworld North-America developer conference in San Francisco on February 7 & 8.

This is quite a milestone for Appvillage as it’s the first time we’re presenting ourselves to the “real world” and introduce our ambitious concept to a conference centre full of app developers, service providers, industry experts, investors and the US media.

So, for the last few weeks we’ve been frantically finishing our first 2 apps “Talking Bearhugs” and “FoodFriendzie” along with a host of promotion materials and a whiz bang presentation.

Our CEO Steve Fanale will also take centre stage […]

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iPhone sketch templates – free download

Every idea should start with a sketch. There’s no faster and better way to visualise your brain’s output than a pencil on paper.

Here’s our own version, a PDF with 2 different iPhone sketch templates, landscape 3-up and portrait 4-up with room for comments.

Download and share our iPhone sketch templates here.

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London Games Explorer app for IOS

AppVillage is proud to introduce our support for the London Games Explorer app by
Cadability Pty. Ltd.


If you’re an Olympic Games enthusiast, a sports fan, or just simply curious to find out what all the fuss around the 2012 London Games is about then this is the app for you! […]

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How tennis apps benefit from Wimbledon

The amazing Roger Federer has just done it again, he’s back on the number 1 spot and added a few more records to his incredible career.

But Mr Federer isn’t the only one who got a payday at Wimbledon, there are also a number of tennis apps that took advantage from such a global sports event. It shows that timing a release and fine tuning keywords can give your app the advantage to win the game. Ok, no more tennis puns.

Let’s look at some stats.

First there’s the official free Wimbledon app for following the event and access all the news, scores […]

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