No Average Joe!It seems that most App commentators want to limit their App research to looking at average numbers. I can only assume that it is to support their opinion that the chances of success in this industry are slim at best. Obviously any feasibility study that looks at averages alone is flawed as the average numbers reported are so skewed by the two extremes of the app market.

Some ‘experts’ would have you believe that you are never going to get any more than 14,000 downloads or make a cent from being an app developer.  Tell that to these app developers who have had millions of their apps downloaded generating $M. Of course if you go into any venture expecting to be average then you probably will be.

Luckily when AppVillage is assessing an idea it doesn’t just look at the averages. We research the success of individual apps that are either similar in features and or in the market that they target. Understanding what apps are successful and how successful they are is a key component to our idea assessment process. You will be  astounded by what sort of apps have millions of downloads and have generated the same amount in revenue.

As important as it is to understand how other apps are performing analysing your own app performance is as important if not more. Reviewing analytical data, comments and ratings on a regular basis can provide some useful insights on how you can tweak your product and marketing strategy to achieve greater success.

Below is a list of sites that offer the information that can help analyse and discover new ideas and opportunities by providing valuable information on apps, including your own. If you have any other sites that help you assess your apps or app ideas let us know.

App Research

Find Apps Like

App Stats

App Annie
Google Analytics